New Year and Christmas Home Decor: Atmosphere of Fun and Winter Celebration

Beloved winter holidays - New Year and Christmas - are approaching. And let's agree, it's hard to imagine them without a traditional fluffy Christmas tree with bright ornaments, without dim and thematic candles, without snowflakes on the windows, garlands, and festive figurines. With each year, the market offers us more options for New Year home decorations. By using them, we not only create a festive mood but also make the celebration memorable and colorful.

Why You Should Buy New Year Decor

Decorating your apartment for New Year is essential in creating a festive mood. Let's admit it, without decorating the premises, it's hard to feel the taste of the celebration! Traditional decor is an integral part of the event, which brings together all family members for collective, useful, and fun work. Therefore, TORY Studio offers original and very beautiful New Year decor that will surely delight your family and your home.

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Christmas baubles with decorations and plain ones, tree toppers, ornaments in the form of various figures - in this section, you will find all sorts of variations. It doesn't matter what kind of Christmas tree decor you choose - whether it's decorating with matching ornaments by color, size, pattern or using different figurines - glass ornaments from our studio will definitely make your evergreen beauty the queen of the holiday. Please note that all tree ornaments are made of glass, so they look rich and special and cannot be compared to plastic alternatives.

Christmas Trees

The main decoration of the home for New Year is the Christmas tree. People's opinions are divided nowadays: some prefer a real, live tree, while others choose an artificial substitute. That's why TORY Studio offers you to choose for your apartment's New Year decor:

  • A live tree: a tree grown in an ecologically clean area of any size; it will bring an unforgettable aroma to your home and fill the celebration with luxury.
  • An artificial tree: you can use it for many years, and its design closely resembles a live tree.

Decorations for New Year Home Decor

In this section, you will find all sorts of decorations for Christmas trees (beads, ceramic and textile pendants, felt toys on clips), decorations for windows (such as snowflakes), various wax and paraffin candles, both with designs and without. You just need to decide in which style you want to decorate your apartment, and you will find all the necessary accessories and decorations right here. Trust me, the quality and variety will satisfy the tastes of connoisseurs and lovers of exclusive New Year decorations!

Christmas Figurines

Figurines representing Christmas and New Year, symbolizing innocence and carefree childhood, will bring a touch of naivety and cheerfulness to the interior of your home. Angel figurines made of porcelain, ceramics, or polystone, snow-covered houses, snowmen and Santa Clauses, reindeer, Christmas stars, and trees - TORY has prepared a multitude of miniature decorations for the New Year. You can purchase individual figurines or create a whole thematic ensemble from different but similar in essence accessories.

New Year Wreaths

New Year (Christmas) wreaths are mainly used as decorations for the entrance door. A traditional wreath is made of fir branches and complemented with small ornaments, rain, pinecones, and candles. But TORY Studio offers other options for wreaths for New Year decorations made of:

  • Flowers
  • Textiles
  • Artificial fir branches
  • Dried flowers
  • Christmas balls and rain
  • Dried fruits and spices

By hanging a wreath on your door, anyone entering your home will immediately feel the festive Christmas atmosphere and surely appreciate your aesthetic taste, eagerly anticipating to see your home decor for New Year.

Christmas Garlands

How can a celebration do without bright and twinkling garlands? LED garlands, hung on trees or used for decorating walls, fireplace, and furniture for New Year, are an essential part of the holiday. In this section, you will find LED garlands with bright lights of the same and different colors, with small and large bulbs, and in various lengths.

Decorative garlands are also indispensable. Such New Year decorations with snowflake elements, Santa Clauses, and reindeer can be used not only for decorating the green forest beauty but also for the decoration of walls and curtains.

New Year Compositions

Do you want to purchase unique table decor for New Year? Then choose New Year compositions made of flowers, which can be placed in the center of the table. Fresh greens combined with bright flower buds, supplemented with thematic accessories, will create a pleasant atmosphere, making the festive meal special.

In addition, TORY offers to buy exclusive author compositions in velvet from our studio's florists, which will become the main New Year decoration for your festive table.

Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas baskets are a unique and interesting way to decorate a New Year's gift for your loved ones. You can place inside them candies, chocolates, sweets, flowers, tangerines, and other fruits, champagne, and a jar of coffee. Festive accessories in the form of figurines or baubles, rain or fir branches, original New Year decor made of pinecones used in the basket's decoration will allow the recipient to display the present prominently in their apartment and use it as an additional festive interior decoration.

New Year Chests

If you want to buy New Year decorations that will create a magical atmosphere, then New Year chests are the solution for you! These magical and distinctive decorations instantly transport the interior to a New Year's fairy tale, making you believe in incredible miracles again, giving you a confident sense that under the New Year, all dreams come true! Magical painting, bright design, strict yet carefree form. And who knows what festive surprise, what New Year miracle is hidden under their lid...

Where to Buy New Year Decor in Dubai

TORY Studio offers not just New Year decor! We offer you accessories that will transform the atmosphere of your home into a festive and fun space, giving you the feeling of a real, beloved winter celebration from childhood. We hope that by choosing decorations for New Year from us, you will be able to celebrate the holiday at the highest level, create a family and cozy atmosphere, and bring a touch of enchanting magic to your home!